Intake Meeting

The initial meeting is done at a space that is safe for the parents/care givers and the youth. We first meet all together and talk about what Youth Coaching is and how it looks, so that the youth understands and is on board with it. I then spend sometime with the parents/care givers alone so we can talk comfortably about why youth coaching is needed or wanted. What do they see going on with their youth? What are their worries? etc. I then meet the youth alone to talk to them about who I am, where I came from, what I do as a Youth Coach, and answer any questions or concerns they might have. We then meet back as a family and go over a plan that works for everyone.

Youth Coaching

Every Youth is unique with unique experiences. Successfully navigating life’s setbacks and mistakes can empower and inspire them in all aspect of their life. Depending on personal family circumstances, an effective mentor can support your family in many ways. I am focused on developing personal, meaningful relationships with Youth to help them build self esteem and life skills. I promote positive values like courage, integrity, individuality, integrity and responsibility. Support can include but is not limited to; accessing community resources driving youth to appointments, in person conversations and advocacy, skill development, job search, tutoring, passion pursuing, or offering a non-judgemental shoulder to lean on.  Grants and funding may be available for services.

One on One Hours

Families are able to pick the number of hours a week they feel comfortable with. On the scheduled days and times with the youth, I will pick them up if we plan to go somewhere, or hang out with them in their safe space. Any costs for eating will be covered by me, but if the youth wishes to purchase anything, or the plan is to attend something that has a cost, that cost is the responsibility of the parents/care givers. Although, if there is a financial barrier we can have a discussion to see what we can do. Most appointments are an hour long, which can go a bit longer depending on what was planned during that time.

High Fives
Group of Friends
Uplifted Youth