Social Media and Business Consulting Services

Now more then ever there is competition for advertising, marketing, getting your brand or service out to the public. The competition is higher not because of like minded businesses competing for your clients, but because the ease and availability to promote businesses on social media. Social media is where most people between the ages of 10-80 get information on services and products, either locally or globally.

Utilizing social media to promote your business can be daunting and overwhelming, or maybe easy to do but yielding low results, which makes you feel like giving up.

It can seem like too much because their is so many options, and because essentially social media marketing is a second time job. But it is easier then you think with the right know-how and tools to make it less work for you, but reach higher number of people.

I have put to test multiple social media plans and have taken the what works to build my business. I now have experience and knowledge to help small businesses grow their social media presence.

Lets meet for a consult. If you like my approach I will assess your social media presence and then develop a cheat sheet or a comprehensive plan for you to follow.


Starting a business or planning to grow your small business can be hard. You need a business plan to put into action - once it is written it is real, but they can be hard to develop. Or, you are already estabilished and want to increase productivity, and clients, but dont have the network or ideas to do so.

I have worked for myself for many years - starting up different sole proprietorships and independent businesses from health, fitness, youth programs, and consulting businesses. I have even helped others get their business going. For ten years I have developed networks, strategies, creative ideas, and plans to expand my business's reach, as well as helped other grow theirs.

Sometimes having someone look at your business from a different angle, with different lenses, and a different mindset, can show you new ways to do things.

Lets meet and talk about your business.