After a six year hiatus from massage therapy, I am back and ready to apply new knowledge to my approach in treating pain. Being a massage therapist for 10 years has provide me with extensive knowledge and experience to effectively provide you with a massage that leaves you feeling refreshed, loose, and pain free. The treatments I provide are focused on manipulating the body and muscles to make changes. That is why I call my practice "muscle manipulation therapy". Manipulating the muscles involves passive muscle releases, fascia pulling, holding, distractions, and lots of stretching.

Muscle Manipulation - Massage Therapy

New Client Massage Therapy

Muscle Manipulation

60min - $60

1st Choice Massage


60min - $85

2nd Choice Muscle Manipulation

60 min - $85

90 min - $135

30 Minute Focussed Massage

30 min - $50

Massage with focused foot add-on

80 min - $110

Back Massage

First Time Treatment

Enjoy $25.00 off your first treatment.

Talking on phones

Client Referal

Refer a new client and get $15.00 of your next treatment - 3 referrals is a free treatment


Essential Healthcare workers

Bring your work ID to show you are a healthcare worker and receive $15.00 of each treatment.

Adult Students

Student Discount

Students receive $15.00 off each of their treatments.