Fitness/training for pain management and health goals

There is a reason why they say "people who exercise tend to live longer". Not only does exercise improve heart function, but the right fitness for your body can also decrease daily pain. Those who suffer from pain on a regular basis may decrease their activity levels, because the pain prevents them from doing the things they love to do. Then begins a slow downhill slope leading to decrease mental health, increase weight, stiff muscles, restricted movements, to more serious conditions that require medical attention.

My approach to personal training and fitness rehabilitation does not focus on "pick things up and put things down", I develop a program that gets you moving properly by primal movements to lengthening and strengthening muscles affected or causing pain.

Not sure or curious? Want to chat more about you and how fitness can help? Book in for a free no pressure assessment.

Never sign a contract for a limited number of sessions! Book your sessions online for when and what works for you, feeling supported knowing that I will hold you accountable to your goals between sessions.

Through minimal equipment and learning adaptations to exercises to do with no equipment, you will become confident and competent to continue on your own.

1Hour Fitness and Health Assessment


1 Hour Fitness/Training Session


2 Hour Double Down Treatment With Fitness